1-6 Years

1-6 Years

Horses in this age period need to be treated through exams every 6 months.

During this period horses will shed 24 deciduous teeth and erupt up to 44 permanent teeth. Problems such as sharp enamel cingulae (points), impacted teeth, deciduous or baby teeth that fail to shed and early development of serious cheek teeth malocclusions such as hooks, waves and ramps can be identified.

Horses that receive this kind of regular dental care are ensured the best outcome for any dental abnormalities through early detection and have much better mouths to carry them through to adulthood.

It is also important during this time to ensure all horses have any source of oral pain properly diagnosed and treated before beginning their education; failure to do so can lead to the development of behavioural changes associated with pain and negative experiences. Sadly the effects of this can be lifelong.

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