Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Shannon Lee

Dr Shannon Lee BVSc MANZCVSc DICEVO obtained his veterinary degree from the prestigious University of Queensland. He has been responsible over the last decade for a large number of innovations in both the practice of and the teaching of equine dentistry.

Dr Lee credits many leading Equine Dental Veterinarians with providing him with both mentorship and support including Australia's first Equine Dental Specialist Associate professor Gary Wilson DAVDC MANZCVSc and friend and colleague Dr Oliver Liyou MANZCVSc.

Dr Lee travels widely and is in demand as an international lecturer and educator, but Shannon is also a researcher and a practitioner. This provides an uncommon combination of technical knowledge with clinical, practical experience and expertise in equine dentistry and equine dental disease including common conditions such as sinus disease, EOTRH and periodontal disease. In 2010 Dr Lee became the first veterinarian to successfully obtain Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Equine Dentistry in Victoria; he was also the youngest veterinarian at the time to have achieved the qualification. Shannon has served as a Subject Examiner in Equine Dentistry for the College (Australia and New Zealand's peak post graduate Veterinary body) and is the current President of the Dentistry chapter.

Dr Lees career has taken him through Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, Australasia and South America. Shannon is currently enrolled in a Diplomat pathway training program to continue his knowledge and training (a never ending process) and become a registered equine dental specialist. Over the last 10 years Dr Lee has examined, treated and helped tens of thousand of horses. Dr Lee was the first person to identify EOTRH in Australasia; research into this puzzling disease continues worldwide and Dr Lee is at the forefront of communicating with colleagues about this research.

Dr Lee has been fortunate enough to work with leading international horse trainers and his calm and patient manner with horses as well as his dedication and passion for equine dentistry and education are some of his most often admired attributes.

Dr Lee is a consultant equine dental veterinarian at Advanced Equine Dentistry and is available by appointment.


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