Bits and Bitting

One tip: flip the lip! This video presents helpful advice for bit selection and making sure your horse is bitted properly.

Dental disease in horses is very common and can be complex to treat. We use the same approach and equipment as your own dentist does with your teeth, with 100% care and professionalism.

  • We provide you with easy-to-understand explanations as to why a treatment is necessary
  • We'll provide you with options and solutions for treatment
  • We offer a no-obligation quote before performing any work.
  • We only use equipment and techniques that have...


Dr Shannon Lee BVSc MANZCVSc obtained his veterinary degree from the prestigious University of Queensland. He has been responsible over the last decade for a large number of innovations in both the practice of and the teaching of equine dentistry.

Dr Lee credits many leading Equine Dental Veterinarians with providing him with both mentorship and support including Australia's first Equine Dental Specialist Associate professor Gary Wilson DAVDC MANZCVSc and friend and colleague Dr Oliver Liyou MANZCVSc.

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