Advanced Equine Dentistry

Dental disease in horses is very common and can be complex to treat. As equine dentists, we use the same approach and equipment as your own dentist does with your teeth, with 100% care and professionalism.

  • We provide you with easy-to-understand explanations as to why a treatment is necessary
  • We'll provide you with options and solutions for treatment
  • We offer a no-obligation quote before performing any work.
  • We only use equipment and techniques that have been proven to be safe.

What will Advanced Equine Dentistry provide for you?
A friendly, professional equine dental veterinary service, utilising the latest technology and techniques. With the security of full licensing and insurance and a sound knowledge of the veterinary needs of the client and the patient.

Why use Advanced Equine Dentistry?
We will provide a thorough examination diagnosis and treatment for all patients. We can provide all dental services including dental imaging (X-rays).

We come to you

We offer full on site veterinary dental services from routine oral exams and treatment  right through to complex dental, facial and sinus surgeries.

We come fully equipped

...with digital X-rays, running water, power, lights, digital weigh scales (to accurately weigh your horse)

We provide digital dental records

...for each horse and offer mobile eftpos and credit card facilities.

We work in almost any environment

Our portable dental hospital allows us to treat horses in almost any environment yet we can setup or packup in as little as just 30 seconds

High standards, affordable dentistry

We offer a very high standard of service (because your horses deserve it) at prices that won't break the bank

Advanced Equine Dentistry can provide an improved relationship between horse and rider, removal of dental pain, treatment of disease and infection, improve feed efficiency and a longer healthier outlook for your horse. When only the best care will do.

For riders: whether you are an amateur or professional rider having performance horse problems, we're very experienced in diagnosing and solving head carriage issues.

If your horse, lugs, leans, heavy in hand, resists the contact, snatches grabs, head tosses, these are all conditions we deal with.

We can also diagnose and treat common forms of sinus disease. A snotty nose can be more than a cold: horses sinuses are complex, consisting of six separate compartments on each side of the head. Sinus disease can occur in a number of different ways through multiple causes. Treatment ranges from relatively simple to very complex. Sinus cysts, tooth root abcess and primary sinusitis probably make up the three most common categories of sinus disease. 

Advanced Equine Dentistry

Important News

The Evolution of the Horse

The modern horse comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. However, it may surprise some people to know that modern horses (Equus Caballus) encompass all breeds - from Miniature horses through to large breeds like the Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale and Percheron. Therefore, they all share the same grass-based diet, and the same dental structure. Dr Shannon Lee digs into the details.


Dr Shannon Lee obtained his veterinary degree from the prestigious University of Queensland. He has been responsible over the last decade for a large number of innovations in both the practice of and the teaching of equine dentistry.

Dr Lee credits many leading Equine Dental Veterinarians with providing him with both mentorship and support including Australia's first Equine Dental Specialist Associate professor Gary Wilson DAVDC MANZCVSc and friend and colleague Dr Oliver Liyou MANZCVSc.

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Dr Lee is a regular contributor to Horses and People, Horse Deals, Hoofbeats, The Veterinarian, HorseWyse, and Chaff Chat, the official publication of the Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria

Dental issues and Facial Trauma: More Common Than You Think

Dental issues and Facial Trauma: More Common Than You Think

Horses, and especially young ones, are curious by nature. They can be playful and, unfortunately, that play can quickly turn into an accident which results in injury. Injuries to the head are extremely common and many people whose own horses have suffered previous head trauma have no inkling or idea there ever was an injury. In this article, Dr Shannon Lee gives pointers for what to look for.

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Dental Surgery and Extractions

Dental Surgery and Extractions

As dental surgery becomes more complicated, so too do the headaches. For many horse owners, dentistry and dental complaints aren’t something that’s front of mind. After all, their horse looks fine, eats okay and can be ridden. Furthermore, the assumption is often that, if there was a problem, it would be new, easily identified and quickly fixed, so things could go back to the way they had always been… right?...

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Sedation, Anaesthesia

Sedation, Anaesthesia

With Dr Chris Quinn

Sometimes as part of caring for your horse, your vet may recommend sedation or anaesthesia to allow another procedure to be performed safely. 

In this article, Dr Chris Quinn, a lecturer in veterinary anaesthesia at Charles Sturt University will discuss why a horse may need to be sedated or anaesthetised; the methods by which horses can be sedated and anaesthetised; and how vets make this as safe as...

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Congenital Dental Abnormalities

Congenital Dental Abnormalities

From an early age, dental issues can severely affect a horse’s ability to graze and socialise. However, if detected early, congenital dental abnormalities, such as malocclusion (parrot and sow mouth), cleft palate and wry nose, can be corrected.

Advances in equine dentistry hold great promise in correcting what would otherwise be detrimental conditions. For those breeding and raising young horses, it’s crucial that you learn to recognise the signs of dental...

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