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Don't risk your patient, your client relationship, or your practice's reputation when you just aren't sure - get experienced equine veterinarians with the case experience to advise, inform and if necessary, provide on-site assistance.

"I contacted Dr Shannon Lee from Advanced Equine Dentistry to perform a necessary but challenging extraction of the 107 in a 15 year old warmblood horse.

"There was apical infection and lysis with bone remodelling around the rostral tooth root, which had possibly been there for years. The other roots on the tooth appeared very healthy. Due to the chronic infection the affected root had become fragile and mishapen. Also due to the bone remedelling, we could not perform an infraorbital nerve block and Dr Lee had to perform the more risky and challenging maxillary nerve block, which he did with no complications. Dr Lee spent many hours using a combination of skill and balanced strength to successfully remove the entire tooth intact without breaking any roots.

"The client is thrilled and the horse is going very well. I feel in order to get the best outcome for the horse and client with minimal complications that referral to Dr Lee was a good decision for this case as it was not just a routine extraction".

—Dr Kim Johnson, Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital

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